Saturday, July 28, 2012

School's in Session

So, first few weeks in Oz have been awesome! Classes started this week, though first week of classes wasn't anything out of the ordinary, professors were mostly explaining the syllabus and course information.

As an international student, I'm only allowed to take 12 credits (4 classes), which I hate, because there are many more interesting classes I'd like to take. But, here are the courses I'm taking:

Anatomy and Histology
Immunology & Microbiology
Cell Regulation
Biodiversity of Tropical Australia

The biodiversity course is supposed to be my "fun" class, because it includes two, full day, trips visiting rain forests, coral reefs, and going bird watching.

I've met many other Africans but they don't seem to interact much with each other; so I went to the student admin office and was told there was no African Students' Association, and I said I'd like to start one. I've already gotten support from a few students, but we'll see how this goes. Hopefully, a first ever ASA will be established at JCU!

Oh yeah, I moved into my "permanent" apartment, well, actually, its a share house. There aren't any apartments near campus, but there are tons of houses and individual rooms in these houses are generally rented out to students. I'm staying in a house owned by a couple and their two little children. It's a four bedroom house so I'm renting the extra bedroom, which is very convenient, because they're like a host family. And the kids have the cutest Australian accent! They also LOVE saying my name, probably because it sounds quite strange to them.

As promised here are some pictures. 

Aboriginal Cultural dance

 This man actually caught a shark!! I wonder what he's going to do with it.....

This was soo beautiful!!